Better SCM Initiative : Subversion



Subversion is a project that was meant to be a better replacement for CVS - solving the main issues that CVS has and offering some other power. As opposed to other revision control systems, Subversion did not start as an internally used system that was eventually made public, but was rather designed from the grounds up as "shrinkwrap".

Subversion has a very modular and algorithmically-sane design, and uses well-known technologies such as Berkeley DB 4.0, Apache 2.0, mod_dav, the Apache Portable Run-Time and the Neon library. Its code is of high quality and there are strict coding conventions. All in all it is a very professional product. Finally, Subversion is fully open-source and distributed under the Apache License.

Among its extra features are versioned file renames and copies, atomic commits and implicit changesets, a comprehensive API, ability to be networked over HTTP and HTTPS, versioned directories, and efficient handling of binary files.


Subversion - a Compelling Alternative to CVS and BitKeeper.

Subversion Win32 Installation Tutorial - a quick walkthrough for installing Subversion on Microsoft Windows systems.

Resources for Learning Subversion