Site Source Code

The site source code is present in Mercurial repository kindly hosted by Bitbucket..

To check it out, install a Mercurial client for your system and issue the command:

hg clone

To build the site you'll need the following extra software packages:

  1. perl - 5.8.x or above.
  2. Website Meta Language
  3. Latemp
  4. GNU Make.
  5. The CPAN modules listed in Bundle-Sites-BetterScm . They can be installed using the a or command.

To build the site, first issue the command perl and then type make. You'll need to run again whenever you add or remove files from the ./src directory.

The programming code for the site is distributed under the MIT X11 license and the content (except for the comparison) is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-License 2.0 (or at your option any greater version). Both of these licenses allow an almost completely unrestricted use of the content.

Happy Hacking!