Recent Changes in the Better SCM Site

The purpose of this document is to list the recent changes that were applied to the Better SCM site. It is our sincere hope that you will find these changes.

Added or Revised Content

Organization and Site Flow

  • Created a better navigation menu. More pages were made part to it.
  • Added navigation links (Next, Previous and Up). These can be utilized as part of the navigation bar of Mozilla/Opera/etc., or in the buttons in the top and bottom of the sites' navigation column. They also have access keys.
  • Added a breadcrumbs trail. (e.g: "Better SCM → Alternatives → Subversion → Win32 Installation Guide")

Visual Elements and Web Standards

  • Much improved CSS stylesheet, with a better look.
  • Added a stylesheet for print.
  • Markup is 100% valid XHTML 1.1. CSS is valid CSS.
  • A new <div>-based layout that replaces the old table-layout.
  • A better page footer, with a version control ID and a Creative Commons license notice.
  • A logo was added to the top-left corner of the page.
  • More affiliate link buttons were added to the navigation bar.
  • Multiple paragraphs were converted to itemized lists, and other markup cleanups.

Changes to the Comparison

  • Added some more content and incorporated recent developments.
  • A better and fixed CSS stylesheet.
  • The Perl back-end used to convert the comparison to HTML and DocBook, was span as a separate re-usable CPAN module.
  • Added a version control timestamp.
  • The id HTML attribute is now used as part of the element, instead of as a separate <a> element.
  • Updated the Problems in the BitKeeper License page.

Changes to the Internals

  • The comparison is now built as part of the site, not separately.
  • The navigation menu and site flow makes use of the HTML-Widgets-NavMenu module.
  • Many refactorings and cleanups were done to the comparison's code.
  • The content now carries a Creative Commons Attribution license notice.
  • Added author and keywords <meta /> tags.