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This section of the site concentrates the news items of the site. Visit it if you'd like to learn what's new here.

News Items

Updated Comparison and Monotone Updates

3 new systems have been added to the comparison, the comparison was updated in general, and Monotone now has more up-to-date information.

Comparison: 6 New Systems + New Criterion

6 New systems have been added to the comparison as well as a new criterion.

Bazaar Added to the Comparison and Site

The open-source Bazaar version control system has been added to the comparison and site.

ClearCase, Mercurial and AccuRev Added to the Comparison

Three new (and important) systems were added to the comparison recently: the commercial and well-known ClearCase, the open-source Mercurial, and the commercial AccuRev.

"The BitKeeper Ghost"

A New Essay: "The BitKeeper Ghost" was added to the Better-SCM Site. It covers the latest developments in the BitKeeper Saga after the department of Bryan O'Sullivan from Mercurial.

New BitKeeper Essay + PureCM Added to the Comparison

There's a new BitKeeper essay on the Better-SCM site and PureCM was added to the comparison.

The Better SCM RSS Feed

The Better SCM Site now has an RSS feed. It will be periodically updated with news about the site, and possibly latest happening in the Version Control Systems/Source Configuration Management world. To use it, add to your RSS aggregator.

Changes of 18-April-2005

Around 18 April, 2005, the Better SCM Site has seen a lot of changes. Click the link for details on them.