F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) for the Better-SCM Site

This is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Better SCM Site and its version control systems' comparison.

Questions About the Comparison

Why is the Version Control System "Foo" Missing from the Comparison?

The maintainer of the comparison (= Shlomi Fish) does not have time to try out or fill in the details about every version control system out there. Thus, he relies on a so-called "champion" for each version control system to:

  1. Send him a patch that adds the version control system to its XML sources.
  2. Maintain the system into the future, when and if new criteria are added, or new features are added to the system.
  3. Be able to answer questions and comments from people who enquire about it.

If you feel you are familiar with a given system enough, then you can follow the instructions to become a champion. If not, you'll have to find someone who is. You don't have to be a vendor or a developer of this system to fill in the details, but if you are, then it wouldn't hurt.

Why is git missing from the comparison?

git is a popular version control system originally written for use for development of the Linux kernel, but has been adopted by many other projects since. Its absence in both the comparison and the main site, is a well-noted deficiency of them.

The reason it's not there is that while many people have complained about its absence, no one suitable has volunteered to become its champion and supplied a good enough patch. If you have a substantial amount of git expertise, have good English writing skills, and wish to volunteer, then we'll be happy to hear from you. If not - at least don't complain about it.

In addition to everything that was said here, it seems that the originator and maintainer of the site and comparison is now banned from sending messages to vger.kernel.org, which hosts several Linux-kernel-related mailing-lists, including the git one. This has interfered with some of his Linux-related open-source work, including trying to find a "Better SCM" maintainer for git. This is unfortunate, but changing this situation, is currently beyond his control.

Why is the comparison missing a lot of important criteria?

The comparison was started with about 5 version control systems, and with a large number of criteria that seemed adequate at the time. A few criteria were added later, but since then most of the contributions were just patches to add a new version control system.

We are well-aware of the fact that the comparison is missing many important criteria. The chief maintainer hope to work on it sometime, but that will involve contacting all the champions and asking them to fill in the details for their respective system, for each of the criteria that will be added.

Which Releases of the Respective Systems are Tracked in the Comparison?

Fill in.

General Questions

I've detected an inaccuracy in the site or the comparison. What should I do?

It is our aim to be as accurate and not to mislead as possible. However, we could have got our facts wrong or that a fact has changed over time as a system has made progress. If you find an inaccuracy in the site (or any other dis-information) contact the webmasters, using the address at the footer.

This site has too many problems to be effective. It's a bad site!

Please find a list of several factual problems in the site (not necessarily all) and submit them to me, and I'll correct them. The burden of proof in that case is on you.