As of 2018, this site is mostly irrelevant

Written at: 31-December-2017
Updated at: 20-January-2017


  1. Unless you have a good reason to do otherwise, you should use Git as a version control system. Git is pretty good, and established itself as the de-facto standard.

  2. If your requirements are particularly heavy, then you may wish to look at Subversion or Perforce

  3. VCSes that also provide distributed bug trackers and other integrated services, such as Fossil and Veracity , provide an interesting approach to watch in the future.

  4. Due to Git's dominance and other factors, the contents of this site are of mostly historical relevance and a limited one at that.


  1. I might as well admit by now that the main motivation for setting up this site was my unhappiness from one of BitKeeper’s licence changes, which made it unavailable to me.

  2. BitKeeper was aimed to be used by FOSS projects, as an alternative to the limited CVS, while not being FOSS itself. After a series of licence changes, and adoption by the Linux kernel and some other projects, its gratis version was terminated. This lead to the initiation of several FOSS alternatives, including Git which established itself as the de-facto standard and drove BitKeeper into obscurity (not that it was ever too high profile).

    Many years after that, BitKeeper was made open source, which may be too little , too late. All of this left a bad taste in the mouth that could have been prevented if BitKeeper had been made FOSS to start with.