Better SCM Initiative : Bazaar



Bazaar is an open-source distributed version control system, sponsored by Canonical Limited, the founders of Ubuntu and released under the GNU GPL.

It is written in Python and designed for correctness, performance, simplicity, and familiarity for developers who are familiar with CVS or Subversion. Its main program, “bzr”, has been self-hosting since March 2005 and is mature enough to host large projects such as

Bazaar has a full set of plugins, and there are many third-party utilities under active development. Bazaar has been adopted by many projects.

It should be noted that Bazaar (also known as “bzr” after its command line program) used to be called Bazaar-NG, while its predecessor "Baz" (originally derived from GNU Arch) used to be called "Bazaar". However, now after bzr has matured, it assumed the name "Bazaar" instead.