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Aegis is a source configuration management system by Peter Miller. Being an SCM rather than a plain version control system, it also tries to ensure the integrity of the code by various means such as registering automated tests, or code reviews. It is distributed and has other powerful features, but is primarily file-system based, and can only be pseudo-networked using NFS, or a similar networking file system protocol.

One downside to using Aegis is that its semantics requires a lot of steps to get started or sometimes even to accomplish certain tasks. As such people who are used to simpler version control systems, may find this very tedious.


  • Overcoming Aegis' Childhood Diseases - Aegis is a mature software configuration management system, but users of other modern systems (such as BitKeeper) may find it unsuitable due to some of its childhood diseases. This article explains what they are and how they can be overcome.